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Broadening the reach
and impact of precision
medicine for oncology

About Us

At Scorpion Therapeutics, we aim to transform cancer care and thereby improve the lives and survival rates of patients with cancer through optimized precision oncology.

Our team comprises an experienced group of recognized leaders in their respective fields, looking to lead a new era of precision oncology by filling the gaps in therapeutic options for patients with cancer.


We are a pioneering oncology company seeking to redefine the frontier of precision medicine by delivering optimized and transformational therapies for larger populations of patients with cancer, a strategy we refer to as Precision Oncology 2.0.

We seek to deliver transformative therapies for patients with cancer and thereby help create a world in which precision medicine is the first choice for most people and not for a select few.

Our aim is to de-risk the drug discovery and development process by pursuing an unprecedented spectrum of high-impact targets. We focus on the “therapeutic white spaces” of underserved populations.


Our platform integrates cutting-edge advances in (i) cancer biology, (ii) medicinal chemistry, including chemical biology, proteomics, and our proprietary covalent library, and (iii) data sciences, which we “fit-to-purpose” for use in the discovery and development of optimized small-molecule precision oncology therapies.

We are seeking to drive smarter, faster, and more efficient precision drug development at an unparalleled scale to generate safer and more effective therapeutics for patients with cancer.