We are a pioneering oncology company seeking to redefine the frontier of precision medicine by delivering optimized and transformational therapies for larger populations of patients with cancer, a strategy we refer to as Precision Oncology 2.0.

Our aim is to de-risk the drug discovery and development process by pursuing an unprecedented spectrum of high-impact targets. We have built a proprietary and fully integrated platform of the most advanced technologies across cancer biology, medicinal chemistry, and data sciences, which enables us to consistently and rapidly create exquisitely selective small molecule compounds against an unprecedented spectrum of high-impact targets. With it, we focus on three target categories where there is a clear need to fill the “therapeutic white spaces” of underserved populations:

  • Improve upon current therapies. Identify opportunities to optimize drug profiles to enhance drug selectivity, durability, and improved patient outcomes.
  • Address challenging targets. Discover and develop drugs for known cancer drivers that are conventionally considered challenging to drug or simply not druggable.
  • Identifying novel cancer targets. Find new targets that either drive cancer development or can be used to selectively kill cancer cells.
  • Engage in smarter and more efficient drug development. Utilize advanced computational techniques and screening methods, including machine learning, to draw unique insights from proprietary biological and chemical datasets to accelerate and de-risk the drug development process and facilitate the proliferation of precision therapeutics needed to benefit a larger percentage of patients with cancer.

With the potential to transform treatment paradigms for both common and rare forms of cancer, we aim to improve the lives and survival rates of patients with cancer.